To assess the impact of lightning on public and economy.

  • To work with governments to assure that code-compliant lightning protection systems are designed for new schools and other important buildings such as hospitals, hotels, public buildings etc.
  • To improve the availability of accurate and timely lightning data, weather forecasting, and warnings.
  • To educate teachers, parents, pupils and the general public on lightning safety.
  • To improve engineering training and professional qualifications in lightning protection.
  • To advise on code-compliant lightning protection of utilities and other economically important industry.
  • To work with universities and engineering association to develop curricula on lightning protection and hence to produce lightning experts for the future.



LARC Nepal’s mission is to mitigate deaths, injuries and property damages from lightning across Nepal.
  • Lightning causes deaths and injuries across Nepal, devastating families and communities.
  • It also kills livestock, still a major measure of wealth in Nepal.
  • Economically challenged Nepal, lightning causes direct damage to utility infrastructure, industry, communications systems, and mining that may take weeks to repair as parts are sought.  It also causes harder-to-calculate indirect costs of downtime for those who suffer loss of work and must live without power, communications, refrigeration, and other things as a result of the direct damage – things we take for granted.