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Lightning and Atmospheric Research Center (LARC) is a research center established in Kathmandu, Nepal. Although LARC has officially been registered as a company under the government of Nepal in 2015, it has been working in Nepal since 2007. LARC has been monitoring the lightning activities over Nepal since 2010. Since its establishment, LARC has been undertaking research activities on lightning phenomena, lightning effects on community and environment, lightning density and lightning awareness program in Schools, Universities, and various communities in association with various government  and non- government organizations. Moreover, LARC has organized different national and international conferences about lightning effects, lightning protection and lightning research. It has a close collaboration to do research with Division of Electricity and Lightning Research, Uppsala University, Sweden, Department of Meteorology and Hydrology, University of Uppsala and Department of Meteorology and Hydrology, University of Zagreb Croatia, Center for excellence in lightning protection (CELP) University Putra Malaysia, Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Florida, Department of Physics Colombo University, Sri Lanka, African Center for Lightning and Electromagnetics, (ACELNet), Uganda. Additionally, LARC has been studying the climate change and its association with lightning and thunderstorm.

LARC is an Umbrella organization of South Asian Lightning Network (SALNet)

About LARC

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The main activities that LARC Nepal has been carrying out includes:

a) Research on the various aspects of atmospheric phenomena such as lightning, climate change etc.

b) Conducting training and seminars on lightning protection, electrical installations.

c) Provide consultation on the various issues on the electrical installations, LPS installations


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Banasthali, Kathmandu 16, Nepal
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A Global webinar on Lightning preparing for marking the International Lightning Safety Day (ILSD) (June 25-26)

A Global webinar on Lightning in a preparation for marking the International Lightning Safety Day (ILSD)      28 June.

July 13, 2020

Training on Lightning Protection

  LARC is organizing 'A Training Program on Lightning Protection System on various Structures and Electrical Networks ' jointly with Nepal Engineers' Association, South Asian...

October 1, 2019